Coating Services

If you're looking for long-term durable protection from the elements that your vehicle experiences on a daily basis, coatings are your answer. Utilizing nano ceramics, coatings protect your vehicle's paintwork from UV rays, bird droppings, sap, acid rain, brake dust and carwashes.

Coatings are especially helpful on larger vehicles which require more time to wash and dry. Coatings will speed up the process since water will glide off easily.

As with all great things, let's manage those expectations...

Here's what coatings CAN do:

  • Protect your paint from the elements for years instead of months - no need to wax
  • Reduce micro-marring from incorrect washing and drying
  • Allow dust, dirt, pollen, and brake dust to wash off easily and smoothly
  • Allow for a 'self-cleaning' effect since contaminants can't stick as easily
  • Prevent water spots from etching into paint (still need to wash off as soon as possible)
  • Prevent oxidation of the paint
  • Maintain a high gloss finish look
  • Paint looks newer longer

Here's what coatings CAN'T do: 

  • They won't prevent rock chips or deep scratches
  • It won't last the full duration if not washed and maintained regularly
  • Allow for neglect (must still wash regularly)