Headlight Restoration


Over the years your headlights can become cloudy and discolored due to road debris and exposure to the sun and the elements removing the protective coating headlights are manufactured with. This can hinder your ability to safely illuminate the road ahead at night.

Our headlight restoration service will restore your headlights to like-new condition and we will add a special headlight coating that utilizes nanotechnology which bonds to the headlight on a molecular level and crosslinks to create a glass like layer. This hides micro marrings, increases clarity and absorbs UV for up to 1 year.

Without this coating, you can expect your headlights to become cloudy within a few months. For this reason, a coating is part of the overall restoration treatment.

We also offer headlight coatings as a stand alone to help extend the life of your headlights. 

As with all great things, let's manage those expectations...


Here's what a headlight coating CAN do:

  • Protect your headlights from fading due to the sun's UV rays

Here's what coatings CAN'T do: 

  • It won't protect against rock chips from gravel and other road debris
  • It won't last the full duration if not washed and maintained regularly