Paint Correction

Paint correction involves a multi-step polishing process to revive and restore paint to its original factory condition.

Paint correction is needed when paint hasn't been polished or sealed with a wax or coating in a long time. It has faded and has swirl marks and light scratches. Trips to the carwash can take a toll on paint if it's not touchless and the machine brushes have marred the paint. 

There are two levels of paint correction. A Tier 2 polish and Tier 3 polish.

Tier 2

Tier 2 is a two-step process that most paint falls under. Unless you've really neglected the paint, Tier 2 can take a paint finish back to its original glory. We will remove defects such as hard water spots, light oxidation and light swirl marks under Tier 2.


Tier 3

In the rare case that you've neglected the paint or let's say you just bought the vehicle used and the prior owner neglected it, a three step process might be necessary and so you'd selected Tier 3. Your paint will be restored as close to its original condition.

Managed expectations are paramount when it comes to these types of restorations especially if the paint is so neglected that it's exhibiting signs of clear coat failure (as one example).

Regardless of which Tier your car falls under, you will be advised in advance upon inspection of the paint (sorry, this can't be done over the phone).

Example of a Tier 3 paint correction 'before and after'