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3D Car Care

3D Ultra Blast Foamer Car Wash Foam Cannon

3D Ultra Blast Foamer Car Wash Foam Cannon

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  • Maximum foam output for shaving cream like coverage!
  • Adjustable spray nozzle perfect for any size vehicle
  • Works with any gas or electric pressure washer
  • 1 liter soap reservoir holds plenty of soap for maximum suds

3D’s new ULTRA BLAST FOAMER creates thick, rich foam that covers any vehicle with unbeatable cleaning power when using 3D’s Pink Car Soap or 3D Wash N Wax.

The key to getting cars super clean is a thick, rich foam that clings to vertical surfaces.  When foam clings to the surface, it offers more dwell-time for the cleaning agents in 3D’s car wash soaps to go to work loosening and dissolving dirt and road grime so it can be safely removed via washing with wash mitts or with just a pressure washer.

3D’s ULTRA BLAST FOAMER is hands-down the BEST foam cannon on the market today!  It sprays mountains of thick, rich, snow-like foam fast and easy and works with any brand of pressure washer.

Get yours today and experience the cleaning power of the 3D ULTRA BLAST FOAMER!

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