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nextzett Lotus Ultra ISF - 338 oz (10 liters)

nextzett Lotus Ultra ISF - 338 oz (10 liters)

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  • Advanced bug, soot and wheel cleaner
  • Formulated to repel dirt while washing
  • Safe on all vehicle surfaces
  • Anti-dust effect
  • Dilutes 1:5-1:10
  • Meets OECD international standards criteria for biodegradability

Lotus Ultra ISF is an advanced pre-cleaner which disperses and removes dirt, gasoline streaks on paint from overflow, insects, bird droppings, and exhaust residues without trace thanks to its outstanding penetrating power. Its integrated anti-evaporant technology prevents chemical burns and spotting and allows for longer dwell time for more effective cleaning. Lotus Ultra ISF will dissolve chitin residues, wax, proteins and other stubborn stains. Its high dirt-carrying power and easy rinsing- off ensure outstanding efficiency, even with a little penetration time.

Technical Data Sheets (Includes dilution ratios)

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