nextzett No. 3 Polish & Wax - One Step Polish Wax - 250 ml (8.5 oz)

nextzett No. 3 Polish & Wax - 250 ml (8.5 oz)


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  • Cleans, conditions and protects
  • Provides a deep gloss finish
  • The final step for a showcar finish
  • Apply with Dual Action (DA) polisher or by hand
  • For all paint finishes and colors

Polish & Wax removes haziness and road grime that accumulate over time which can make your paint finish look dull. Polish & Wax produces a deep gloss finish and protects the paint with a combination of carnauba and polymer waxes for a long lasting finish. Formulated to produce the best results when applied with a Dual Action (DA) polisher but can also be applied by hand. Ideal for all paint colors and finishes.

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