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Porter Cable 6" Random Orbital Polisher 7424XP with Backing Plate

Porter Cable 6" Random Orbital Polisher 7424XP with Backing Plate

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  • Fast, efficient, effective polishing for a showroom finish
  • It's oscillating motion prevents paint burn
  • Durable, high-quality machine will give you years of service
  • Includes our backing plate ($14.95 value) which can be paired with any of the Rupes 5.7" pads


If you're looking to maximize results and get that showroom shine it's time to move from hand polishing to a dual action orbital such as the legendary Porter Cable 7424XP. This machine will give you better results more quickly than hand polishing and you'll use less polish than if you were to polish by hand.

If you're worried about harming the paint, rest assured you won't. The learning curve is low for the 7424XP but provides you infinitely better results than any machine you'd buy from the big box store that does nothing other than "massage" the paint by vibrating. Don't even waste your money on those. A DA polisher like the 7424XP oscillates instead of rotating in a circular motion like the professional rotary machines they use in body shops. Since it oscillates, you can't over polish or burn the paint. Imagine polishing the paint by hand in a circular motion - that's what oscillating looks like. It's an amped up version of your hand motion.

With the 7424XP you can choose from multiple speed settings based on what you need to accomplish. While it won't remove deep paint scratches and sanding marks, it will help you polish out the majority of swirl marks and definitely help you polish out oxidized paint when paired up with a quality polish and buffing pad (all of which you'll find at our store).

Invest in a 7424XP and you'll get years of use and save hundreds of hours of elbow grease.

Check out our Polishing Guide to help determine the right polisher for you.

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