pollen and tree sap on car paint

Protecting Your Car's Paint From Pollen and Sap

Spring is in the air and so is pollen. Besides itchy eyes and runny noses, you can tell because your vehicle's surface has a yellow film on it. Pollen is the method in which flowers and trees reproduce and, in the springtime, it's everywhere.


It's tempting to just let the pollen sit because after all, if you wash your vehicle, more will just come on it anyway. Or maybe you think that you'll let the springtime rains wash it away.


The issue with pollen is that water makes it acidic. So, the free carwash from mother nature just ends up causing the pollen to stain and etch into your vehicle's paint reducing its luster and gloss.


You can reduce the chance of pollen and other springtime contaminants like sap etch away at your vehicle’s paint with a sealant protectant like wax or a longer-lasting ceramic coating. These sacrificial layers of protection shield your vehicle's paint from the acidic nature of pollen and tree sap.


Just keep in mind that waxes and sealants do wear away and they will wear away faster if you let the pollen and sap sit there for weeks on end. They simply buy you time to wash your vehicle without being concerned about having your paint lose its luster. If you do let the pollen and sap, get wet, they’ll just wear away at your protective coating faster which means you’ll have to reapply sooner than prescribed. Of course, that’s a whole lot better than your paint being harmed but it’s a good long-term habit to keep your vehicle clean on a regular basis.


Keep your vehicle’s paint protected with some form of protectant and enjoy the beauty of springtime blooms and longer days.



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