Collection: Microfiber and Applicators

Forget about abrasive cotton terry towels for applying waxes, polishes and dressings. We have a selection of premium quality microfiber towels and applicators (both foam and microfiber) for the best care of your vehicle whether you're buffing off polishes and coatings or applying leather conditioner to your interior trim. 

Here's a tip when it comes to choosing the right microfiber for the job. When you need a towel to remove excess residue from polishes, waxes and sealants, use microfiber towels with a lower pile (that's the fiber length) like those from our 10 packs. It'll make it easier to remove the excess product. These are also great for dashboard cleaners and wiping down glass and mirrors.

If you're using a waterless wash or a detail spray, use one of our thicker microfiber towels with a higher pile (like the Korean towel). Any dust, pollen, or dirt will get pulled deep into the fiber and away from the paint surface protecting the surface from scratches and marring.

If you want the cleanest glass, use our Ultra Glass and Mirror Microfiber Cleaning Cloth with a diamond pattern that gives you an absolute streak-free finish.