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einszett Glass Polish - 6.8 oz

einszett Glass Polish - 6.8 oz

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  • Removes hard water spots, bug splatter, road grime, windshield wiper rubber markings and more
  • Significantly improves clarity
  • Creates a hydrophobic effect - water rolls right off!

Experience crystal clear windshields, windows,  and mirrors with einszett Glass Polish. This effective cleaner tackles hard water spots, bug splatter, road grime, and even stubborn windshield wiper rubber marks. Not only will it improve the clarity of glass, it also leaves a hydrophobic effect meaning water rolls right off. Say goodbye to cloudy windshields!

How to use: Shake before using. Apply an amount of einszett Glass Polish (about the size of a quarter) with a cotton towel or foam applicator sponge and clean the surface in an up and down, circular pattern until the cleaner dries to a haze. Wipe off residue with a clean, lint-free towel (microfiber is best). If the humidity is high, polish will take longer to dry and might require more wiping to remove all residue. For a perfect finish, follow up by cleaning with nextzett Windscreen Clear glass cleaner.

Note: NOT for use on plastic and plastic headlights!

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