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nextzett Klima Cleaner ETU

nextzett Klima Cleaner ETU

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Refresh your vehicle's air conditioning system with Klima Cleaner ETU, designed to eliminate unpleasant odors and ensure a fresh, clean airflow. This innovative cleaner reaches deep into the evaporator and air ducts to provide long-lasting freshness and improved air quality.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Formula: Specially designed to target and neutralize odors.
  • Easy Application: Simple spray application ensures thorough coverage and penetration into the AC system.
  • Quick Results: Delivers noticeable freshness and cleanliness within minutes.
  • Long-Lasting Effect: Keeps your vehicle's interior air fresh and clean for an extended period.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for use in cars, trucks, RVs, and other vehicles with air conditioning systems.

Directions for Use:

1. Begin by cleaning the interior of your vehicle and replacing the cabin air filter if necessary.
2. Start your car, set the air conditioner to high fan and recirculate mode.
3. Place the can on a flat surface towards the center of the car like the center console or on the floor area between the front and back seats. 
4. With the can facing away from you, activate the spray button, which locks in place, allowing the can to empty automatically.
5. Exit the vehicle and close all doors and windows, allowing the cleaner to work for 15 minutes.
6. Finally, ventilate the car by opening windows and doors for at least 5 minutes before driving.

Why Choose Klima Cleaner ETU?

Klima Cleaner ETU is your go-to solution for maintaining a pleasant environment inside your vehicle. Whether you're dealing with persistent odors or just want to ensure your AC system is fresh, Klima Cleaner ETU provides a hassle-free and effective cleaning experience.


Safety Information:

  • Caution Advised: The spray's vapors may cause dizziness, so it is recommended to avoid driving immediately after application. Follow instructions and allow vapors to dissipate before driving.
  • Hazard Statements: The product is classified as a flammable aerosol and dizziness risks. It’s important to follow safety precautions such as keeping it away from heat sources and ensuring proper ventilation during use.
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