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nextzett Leather Care 'Lederpflege'

nextzett Leather Care 'Lederpflege'

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  • Cleans, conditions and protects in one simple step
  • Restores suppleness to dry leather
  • Can be used on leather saddles, boots and furniture
  • Grease free, natural finish

nextzett Leather Care 'Lederpflege' is a professional-grade leather care product designed to clean, condition and protect leather surfaces. The specialized formula contains a mixture of mild cleaners and conditioners that hydrate and restore suppleness to dry leather while protecting against fading, drying and cracking. The product is also enriched with UV protectants to shield leather from damage caused by the sun. And unlike other leather care products, it won't make leather slippery or shiny.


*Water Drop Test

To determine if you have coated (finished) or uncoated (unfinished) leather, do the water drop test. Place a drop of water on the leather surface. If it immediately soaks in and causes a dark spot, you have uncoated leather. If it beads, the leather is coated.

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