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nextzett Pump Atomizer Sprayer - For Acid (51 oz)

nextzett Pump Atomizer Sprayer - For Acid (51 oz)

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  • For application of alkaline based products
  • Multi-directional nozzle allows application in hard-to-reach places
  • Fine mist spray or stream
  • Pressure release valve prevents excessive pressure build-up
  • Embossed level indicator for easy measuring

The Pro Atomizer Sprayer is a robust sprayer designed to effectively apply alkaline products (detergents, soaps, etc). Sprayer does not have any metal parts which can corrode. Uses Viton® seals for long-lasting performance. Sprays a uniform mist spray or stream. Nozzle can be adjusted in multiple directions allowing easy access to hard-to-reach places. Includes a built-in safety valve operational in excess of 3 bar reducing stress on seals increasing the lifetime of the sprayer.  Level indicator embossed on the container for easy measuring.

*Maintenance Note: Always de-pressurize system when not in use. For long-term storage, remove contents and clean sprayer thoroughly.

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