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nextzett Tire Foam Spray - 16.9 oz

nextzett Tire Foam Spray - 16.9 oz

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  • Cleans, cares and protects 
  • Protects against UV and ozone
  • Polymer enhanced for long-lasting protection
  • Leaves a silk matte finish
  • Water-based and solvent free
  • Dust repelling, long-lasting finish

With its optimum UV and ozone protection and polymer enhanced formula, Tire Foam cleans, cares and protects. Prevents cracking, premature bleaching and brittleness in the side walls. Does not attack rubber or paintwork. Anti-static and solvent-resistant. Gives your tires a silk matte finish and prevents re-soiling. Long lasting protection and finish even after washing or rain.

Directions: Spray Tire Foam on clean tires and allow to work. No rubbing or wiping required. As Tire Foam runs down, it will loosen and carry dirt away leaving behind a silk matte finish. Spray a second application for increased gloss.
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