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Rupes D-A Ultra Fine Pad - White

Rupes D-A Ultra Fine Pad - White

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The D-A ULTRAFINE foam pad features a special formula that is strong enough to work with any dual-action polisher while being soft enough to polish the most delicate and haze-prone paints to a mirror-like luster. Use this pad on gear-driven or random orbital polishers with RUPES UNO PURE ultra-fine polish or any finishing polish to remove extremely fine defects or to burnish paint to a show car finish. The D-A ULTRA-FINE foam pad is ideal for the applications of waxes and sealants as well.


9.DA100S 80mm (3") / 100mm (4")
9.DA150S 130mm (5") / 150mm (6")
9.DA180S 150mm (6") / 180mm (7")
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