Collection: Car Washing

A complete selection of car wash products for a professional car wash experience awaits you. We have car shampoos for hand washing, shampoos for foam cannons and shampoos with water activated polymer sealants to leave a protective coating with shine. Plus, all the things you need for a successful wash from buckets to foam cannons.

What you won't find our car wash soaps - soaps are what you find in the big box stores. What's the difference between a car shampoo and car soap? Technically speaking, car soaps have stronger detergents which seems good because it sounds like they can make removing dirt easier. Not entirely true but one of the major negatives of a stronger detergent is that it also removes a little bit of any sealant wax you applied on your vehicle every time you wash - you know that sealant wax you spent so much time carefully and lovingly applying?

Car soaps may be cheaper but not worth the pennies you'd save per wash. Stick to our selection of wax friendly car wash shampoos which don't contain those aggressive detergents and still easily clean your vehicle while making it shine longer.